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Kaylee & James: Their Adoption Journey

I had the pleasure of photographing Kaylee, James, and their daughter, Charlotte. We had scheduled the session for a particularly exciting reason – Kaylee and James are working on their adoption profile. For those who aren’t familiar, an adoption profile is a pamphlet or website that prospective adoptive parents create to introduce themselves to expectant parents considering adoption. 

Kaylee and James discussed how they are ready to expand their family and wish to do that through adoption. I have been photographing them since Charlotte was just a baby, she sure is going to make a sweet big sister to someone special. I am so excited for them!

I’ve learned a couple things over the years, photographing images for couples who are seeking adoption and I thought to myself, “Why not share that knowledge?”

Use current Images:  While older photos showcase priceless memories, your adoptive family profile should show who you are now.

Location:  Use a location that has a fairly clean background with minimal distractions. Keep it simple and keep the focus on you! Kaylee had contacted me some time ago, but we had planned to wait for greener days. Unfortunately, timing hasn’t been on our side so we became a little creative and decided to take advantage of the Magnolia trees since we were in the early stages of Spring.

Close-ups are best:  Try to have as many close-ups as possible. Nothing says “warm and inviting” better than a shot of you smiling at the camera.

Genuine Moments: Posed photos are great, but action photos show authentic moments, who you are, and what you love to do.  They add a variety to your profile and a look into your daily and personal life. (If you are wanting more professional images that showcase this, ask me about my lifestyle sessions! )

Your adoption profile is a great opportunity to make a lasting first impression. Perspective birth parents want to get to know you. Show them all the wonderful things that make you unique!

Want a peek into Kaylee and James Adoption Profile? Check it out in the link below and keep scrolling to see more amazing images from their session. Thank-you Kaylee and James for letting me share a little inside look to your adoption Journey!

April 8, 2020

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